The Portfolio of a Marine Biologist

(completely out of his element)


I'm a card carrying Marine Biologist living the dream in Paradise. Fortunately, work and play sometimes overlap when I'm able to work as a licensed Captain and an Education and Outreach Specialist with the FKNMS.

Currently, I'm working on building up my web development chops in my free time in order to help out local non-profits working on a shoestring budget while trying to help the environment.

When I'm not engaging with the public for work, you can find me sitting on bridges, exploring the mangroves, riding my bike across bridges, fishing, jumping off bridges, dabbling in wildlife photography, and trying to learn this whole coding thing.



Let's stay in touch. I love to discuss fishing, web design and development, sailing, bikes, birds, and plants. But above all else, I like talking to passionate people. Your passions are what make you interesting.

Take a look at the various feeds below and feel free to reach out to me.